What is Google Stadia? How does it Work?

We all have struggled in the past while playing triple-A titles on our system. Not to forget we also compromised on resolution and frame rate. Moreover, upgrading the PC was not an option for everyone as its cost is high. And the gaming consoles available in the market can handle gaming in 1080p at 60 frames but running all game in 4K is still something that these companies need to work upon and also you need to upgrade consoles after some time so that they can match-up the processing speed required to run the games.

Google Stadia is working towards an ecosystem to solve this issue. It provides the user with cloud computing in which everything is handled by custom servers and datacentre and user can run the games remotely by using chrome browser with the computing power of 10.7 trillion operations per second which is 2.5X of PS4 pro and 1.78X of Xbox One X. It has a dedicated console which will be directly connected to the wi-fi to minimize the response time from the servers. It will also provide the users with google assistant button for a walkthrough of the game and strategy and users while watching a video on YouTube can join the game from that point with just a tap on a button on its controller. This sounds so cool and there have been instances in the past where I was watching a video of the game and wished I could play it from then and there onwards but now it will become a reality all thanks to Google.

Even though Google claimed that user can play games in 1080 at 60 FPS but they need to have 25 Mbps bandwidth and with this, the question arises how feasible it is for everyone. According to one survey, In USA only 1 out of 5 households have access to this speed. Other people can play it at low Res but then why will people prefer it over gaming consoles if they have to play it the same way that they have been doing so far.  And in India, the situation of internet speed is even worse which is the fastest growing GDP in the world. One of the main reason for this is the cost charged to users for high-speed internet and also the demand is less for high-speed internet as most of the apps and website are not very demanding.

They can work with the local ISP provider to expand their Google Fiber services to more cities and make Stadia more appealing to people. Otherwise, they may use something like VP9 codec which they are using for YouTube to use bandwidth more effectively and make videos crispier.

Google is a company which can pull it or they may scrap it like Project Ara (Remember the dream phone that Google promised but didn’t deliver).  Only time will tell! However, some big names are aiming for the same including Sony, Microsoft, Nvidia.

The Google Stadia library does look interesting with the fact that one does not need a powerful PC or a console to enjoy these. Some of the games which are coming on Stadia as revealed on June 6th are Destiny 2, Doom Eternal, Metro Exodus, Thumper, Just Dance 2020 and many more.

The Stadia is going to have a lot many games added to it … this just makes the gaming industry much more interesting.


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