When Experiential Engineering Meets Agriculture!

In adversity lies an opportunity. The best example for this thought is the man from a village called Surera in Sikar district. He saw his father tilling the land and working in the scorching heat of summer. The conditions were adverse, but there were no alternate paths. With a strong urge to help his father, he tried his hands and was unsuccessful plenty of times. But finally, the success knocked on his door when he invented his first machine weeder.

The man we are talking about is Mr Shrawan Kumar Bajya. The man is not educated but his practical knowledge and thurst to develop something helped him in developing weeder which is being used by 100s of farmer belonging to Rajasthan.

What makes his weeder special? 

The speciality of the weeder made by Mr Shrawan lies in the costing of weeder. It costs around Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 60,000. The weeder is way cheaper than the counterparts of it present in the market. Apart from cost, it has also proved to be more effective than its competitors.

What is the use of weeder in farming?

The weeder is used to cut and remove the dry grass and weeds. The use of weeders can prevent the use of harmful pesticides. This improves the fertility of the soil. Better productivity, better is the growth potential of the land.

Apart from this machine, Mr Shrawan also helped woman via his innovative product. To make salt, sedimented layers of salt has to be broken. Usually, this work is done by a woman. The sedimented layer is found in saline water. For this, the women are supposed to work in saline water which is not suitable for their skin. It is also a very cumbersome task. Having seen these, motorcycle operated he developed salt turning device. The device can be ridden by a person without stepping into the saline water.

Image Courtesy: National Innovation Foundation

What are his other inventions?

Mr Shrawan has also developed four more machines which have made the life of farmers easy and farming more efficient.

The machines which Shrawan has created include cable pipe installation machine, a device for nursery plantation of onion, onion and garlic leaf-cutting device and digger.

Onion harvester cuts the leaves of onion and then digs and picks them up without causing any damage to the bulbs. It is a set of two machines, one for cutting leaves and another for digging, picking up and cleaning soil from the bulbs. Integration at its best!

Recognitions: To motivate his work and appreciate him, Mr Shrawan was bestowed President’s Award in 2017.

Plans: Mr Shrawan wants his son to continue the rich legacy his father has created. Also, he wants him to study and become an engineer so that he can use his education to ease the life of farmers.

Shrawan is concentrating on the idea to form a device which will open the tire nuts from vehicles and the equipment which can transplant onion. We wish him the best luck for his future endeavours.

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