When Tyre On Fire!

The survey conducted by FICCI on the study of the most significant threats to business operations in India, the fire has been ranked fifth in the threat list. According to NCRB data, 51 deaths are caused by fire every day. Fire accidents are likely to cause 12 times more deaths than injuries. In 2015, 18,450 cases of fire accidents were reported in India. 7,700 were killed, and rests were injured in 18,450 cases. The compilation of data for the current year is in progress.

To tackle the issues of fire accident and ensure fire safety, Norway based firm BridgeHill came up with the innovative solution of FireBlanket for cars. This tool is also suitable for bridge and road crews. The logic behind the idea is to remove the oxygen supply as fast as possible by using the blanket. FireBlanket is an eco-friendly product and puts out fires in less than 20 seconds.

The Bridgehill Fireblanket is very convenient to use and ease the task for firefighters. It only needs two people to wrap it over the burning car. The blanket comes in the size of 6 * 9 meter and is very light in weight. Apart from these, the blanket has a portable design and also can fit in the fire trucks and police vehicles. A perfect solution in the emergency situation!

Water should never be used to put off the fire in electric cars. The reason being the water can carry electricity from the high voltage batteries of car. These batteries are made of lithium, and the burning of lithium batteries leads to spread of gases through the air. Also, these gases contain a high proportion of carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, hydrogen chloride, hydrogen cyanide, and hydrogen fluoride, which is dangerous for the firefighters and volunteers of emergency services.

The FireBlanket invented by Bridgehill traps the fire and do not allow it to spread. Blockage of smoke prevents toxic gases from spreading through the air. This is the reason behind the FireBlanket being eco-friendly. The FireBlanket can be useful in gas stations, construction sites, electric charging stations, etc.

We look forward to such innovations which safeguard people. It will be cherry on the cake if we get such blankets in India. Do you have any other solution for such circumstances? We would love to hear you out on Bots ‘N Brains.


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