Why riding bikes is risky and how can we make it safe ?

Most of us can relate to the fact that we have fallen from bikes while trying to learn how to balance them and master the art. But even after learning how to balance the bike the problem of falling from it still persists. And the injuries from falling from bikes can damage your body in ways which cannot be measured quantitatively. The number of People who suffer from ACL tear from bike accidents is higher than people who got it while playing any sport.

In India, the 2-wheeler market is very popular and almost 20 million units are sold each year. But no one has come up with an effective solution to make it safe for all. Although there are some products which are in the process of solving this issue. However, the price of the solution is too high and cannot be implemented for all.

According to a report, 2-wheelers are involved in 33% of the total accidents that happened in 2017 and fatalities share was 29%. This is a big problem as thousands of people die from accidents and got injured. And one of the main reasons for this is losing control over the vehicle and getting slipped.

What we can develop is a system which can predict an accident before it happens? Sounds good but as of now, the idea is far from implementation. So, what we can do to make riding safe- Self Balancing bikes and no we are not talking about extra wheels because that is not the solution. We are talking about bikes which can balance itself by using various sensors and can maintain it even when the user cannot control the bike.

Several companies are working on the solution including Honda, BMW, Yamaha, AB but the problem is a product is in developing phase and yet to be commercialized. But these companies are trying to implement it in premium bikes and not in all the bikes because of the higher price. Why can’t we have a solution which is cheap and can be implemented in bikes at low cost?

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