Why Worry About Dry Taps When you can Install This Pump

With the Monsoons nowhere around, the heat is at its peak and Pune is still facing crisis to dry taps. Leave alone the taps the fields are parched and there is a water crisis.

Though water can be conserved in many ways a lack of initiative is what holds back the people to act towards this issue. However, one man who could not bear to see hundreds of litres being wasted took an initiative and worked towards finding a sustainable solution. Vinayak Parkhi, a consultant at the International organisation for Standardization (ISO), has developed a model which can be used to recycle and save up to 20% of the water used in the high rises buildings.

Parkhi’s model is based on the principle of reducing and recycling the use of water. Parkhi says, that despite being aware of the water crisis Indians still prefer to use fresh water for almost everything from flushing to bathing to cooking and mopping. Further, he states that on an average 750 litres of water is required every day. Out of this 200 litres is used for flushing, 300 litres for washing clothes and bathing, 150 litres for cooking and 100 litres for other purposes.

Image courtsey: Vinayak Parkhi

Now how does his model work?

Parkhi states that “If the building is five storeys, the model works by directing the water used in the bathroom from the top floor, through the pipe and to the flush tanks on the fourth floor. A strainer with fine holes used in the kitchen sink is fixed in the bathroom which filters solids from the water. This method is efficient enough to recycle almost 300 litres of water, which is the amount used by a nuclear family daily.”

Parkhi came up with this idea when he spoke to a number of his friends in Marathwada, who were facing severe drought. When he heard their story he could not help but think how ruthlessly people in the urban areas were wasting water while the farmers were literally starving. This urged him to work on the designs of some models which could help recycle water. And yes, after many days of research he was finally successful in creating a model where water could be recycled without the involvement of human hands.

Image courtsy: Vinayak Parkhi

How can one use this system:

The use of this pump is very easy. To start with it requires minor changes in the drainage system and any plumber can help to install it. The changes that need to be carried out are replacement of the wide hole drains to fine hole drains so that the solid particles like hair don’t pass through it. Next, a tank of 500 litres should be installed above the toilet to store the water that passes via the upper drainage. The cost of the entire setup along with the service charge is Rs 6000/-. But it is worth it as it saves hundreds of litres of water.

Treating wastewater can be really expensive. However, Parkhi’s model works without electricity. It uses only gravitational forces thus being an economical, sustainable and environmental friendly model.

Israel saves almost 90% of water which is wasted. If Parkhi’s innovation is implemented successfully by the government then we may also be able to save up to 20% of the water on a daily basis. Though only a small amount, it is cost effective and after all little steps make a big change. Then why not?

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