Worried about BYOB, Pandorum has got your back!

Technology has always been leveraged by varied fields to create wonders and leave humanity in awe. Some people wanted to expand usage of technology in every dimension possible for the betterment of the inhabitants. Yes! You have figured it right. Gone are the days where we restricted ourselves to 1D and 2D. Gone are the days where we limited ourselves to natural treatment. The time is here where 3D technology has paved its way, where artificial means has paved its way for an incredible breakthrough in medicine. It is about 3D artificial organ printing. Strangely, it is a real thing.

Do you know which is the largest organ in the body? Do you know which is the largest gland in the human body? Do you know which organ helps to flush out toxins from blood? Do you know which organ helps the body use essential nutrients and also helps your body remove waste stuff? Ever wonder what is the fat in the body converted to? The list is endless, and the importance of this organ is measureless. It is the liver. Have you ever given a thought how difficult it would be to survive without it!

Did you know that cirrhosis is the most severe form of chronic liver disease. It carries personal, social, and financial burdens for patients, their families, and society. Deaths due to Cirrhosis are expected to triple by 2030. A person can donate up to 8 lifesaving organs, namely heart, lungs, liver, pancreas, kidneys, and intestines. Check out the statistics in the below-mentioned image. It won’t be feasible to count on human help for such organ. In India, more than 90% suffer due to the lack of transplant options.

Image Courtesy: organdonor.gov

What can be the solution to solve the supply-demand mismatch? BYOB (Bring your own booze) have resulted in liver failures. GAAL (Get an artificial liver) sounds good. Jokes apart, Pandorum technologies will help you with its 3D printed artificial human liver tissues.

Pandorum Technologies is a biotechnology start-up focused on tissue engineering. It has made India’s first artificial human liver tissue leveraging 3D printing technology. The artificial liver also performs critical functions like regeneration, metabolism, and discharge of biochemicals such as albumin and cholesterol, which are carried by the natural liver. The life span of the tissue if up to 8 weeks as per Mr Chandru, Co-founder and Managing director of Pandorum Technologies. The artificial liver can also be useful for testing of drugs with efficiency and substantially reduce energy, time, and money.

Ten million liver cells are required to make 5mm size of liver tissue. You can get it through cell banks. The cells are arranged in three-dimensional architecture. “Bio-inks” is necessary to keep these cells in a healthy environment. Ink is made up of bio-materials which is made up of glucose, proteins and living cells extracted from a special kind of insect.  3D bioprinter to place the cells in an architecture you want. That’s the recipe of Pandorum to make an artificial liver. 

Pandorum aspires to make human organ replacement more affordable for Indians. The start-up believes there is a lot of room for innovation, and the future is bright!


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